About Us

The Isle of Luing Community Trust was established in May 2005. It is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee.  It is led by Luing residents who make up the Board of Directors.

The company’s main purpose is the sustainable development of the island of Luing. This includes provision and access to recreational facilities and events; advancing education in Luing history and heritage; community development including rural regeneration; and to improve opportunities locally for training and employment and advance environmental protection.

We own and run The Atlantic Islands Centre, the Islands only Visitor Centre and are also working hard to develop relationships across the island with other organisations and residents.

We are currently in discussions with Luing Community Council about affordable housing provision on Luing and how we might be able to work together to improve this.

Board and Membership

We invite all residents of Luing aged 12 and over to become members of the Trust and there are associate memberships available to any supporters of the organisation. If you would like to join please email info@atlanticislandscentre.com or call the Trust office in the Atlantic Islands Centre on 01852 314096.

The board is made up of members who are voted in annually at our AGM, usually held in September/October.


No current vacancies.